Commercial Loans

Working with businesses to create plans to satisfy their financial obligations to creditors.

Recovering funds from small businesses and their owners can be a complicated process. The Central Portfolio Control team has experience helping small businesses to satisfy their financial obligations without putting them out of business. Our dedicated team and proprietary tools enable us to achieve the best results, without incurring unnecessary risks.

We understand the value that each customer brings to your business and we are sensitive to the desire to do future business with a customer in collections. One of the greatest expenses for your business is a lost relationship and a potentially tarnished reputation.

Our Respectful Approach

Central Portfolio Control understands the importance of protecting our partners’ brands. The Central Portfolio Control team takes a compassionate approach to account recovery to achieve financial results without unnecessary risks. We provide national, regional and local commercial and small business lenders with a respectable and proven approach to recovering their accounts receivable.

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