Construction Firms & Contractors

Working with construction firms and contractors to recover payments due.

­Construction firms and contractors need payments to flow smoothly but are often not equipped to handle the disruptions to their revenue cycle and the collections process. Central Portfolio Control has experience working with construction companies to collect money for work performed, enabling our partners to focus on their craftsmanship, with confidence that they will be paid for their work.

We understand the value that each customer brings to your business and we are sensitive to the desire to do future business with a customer who is currently in collections. Our team works on your behalf to collect moneys due while maintaining the highest degree of compliance. We understand the laws and regulations governing debt collection and help our partners to quickly recover the money they are owed.

Our Respectful Approach

We understand the importance of protecting our partners’ brands. The Central Portfolio Control team takes a compassionate approach to account recovery to achieve bottom-line financial results without unnecessary risks. We provide national, regional, and local construction firms and contractors with a respectable, compliant, and proven approach to recovering their accounts receivable.

Central Portfolio Control construction contractors

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