Central Portfolio Control, a nationally licensed collection agency founded in 1998, recently donated to Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue, a foster-based, volunteer-driven rescue that has found loving homes for over 15,500+ animals since 2010.

“As the seasons change and dozens of animals are still without a home, Central Portfolio Control made this donation to help this incredible organization keep thousands of pets warm throughout the winter,” says Alicia Lesher, President of Central Portfolio Control. “Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is a cause near and dear to everyone’s heart. Keeping dogs warm, fed, housed, and up for adoption means less animals will be on the streets without a helping hand.”

Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue began in 2010 and has since helped thousands of animals find homes through their remote foster program. Primarily a volunteer-driven organization, Coco’s Heart welcomes dog rescues from unfortunate situations and houses them in volunteer foster homes while preparing them for adoption placement. With a comprehensive adopt, foster, and help system, Coco’s Heart also puts on hundreds of events a year including pet training, photos, and a 5k walk for fundraising. 

Central Portfolio Control has always been community focused, giving back to the community where its employees work, play, and live. The team is committed to building a stronger community, and they are active volunteers and donors to the causes and organizations that are meaningful to its team members. The Central Portfolio Control executive team regularly organizes fun events and competitions to engage its employees and raise money for various charitable causes. 

Community is everything, and Central Portfolio Control is happy to make this donation to keep even just a handful of dogs warm for the winter months. As the holidays rapidly approach, you can donate to Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue or volunteer on their website

About Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue

Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is a primarily volunteer-driven organization that welcomes dogs to rescue from unfortunate situations and houses them in volunteer foster homes while preparing them for adoption placement. We focus on evaluating each animal’s needs, provide high quality veterinary care, and work towards finding them a lifelong match with an adoption placement. We strive to educate our community on the importance of rescue, our specific rescue efforts, responsible pet ownership, and the difference each person can make on the lives of animals in need.

About Central Portfolio Control

Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, Central Portfolio Control, Inc. (CPC) is a full-service and nationally licensed collection agency focused on the recovery of distressed accounts receivable. Since being founded in 1998, the Central Portfolio Control team has continued to grow, providing top-quality services to our clients and jobs to our local community.