Our Professional and Compliant Services

Central Portfolio Control is a professional debt collection agency that employs a consumer-centric approach when assisting our clients with recovering distressed accounts. We help creditors at the local, regional, and national levels to achieve financial performance goals with little-to-no risk. Our team understands the importance of protecting our clients’ brands and engages customers with a compassionate yet strategic approach to collections. 

Central Portfolio Control provides regular training for our representatives and deploys the latest technologies to monitor our team’s approach, making sure that communications are in a respectful and compliant manner. CPC’s blend of technology and exceptional customer service helps our partners to maximize resources, minimize risk, and improve financial performance.

Credit Product & Industry Experience

CPC has decades of experience recovering accounts that originated in different ways. We understand the nuances of working with different consumers and helping to find amicable solutions by understanding the consumer’s point of view. 

Areas of Expertise

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Automotive Loans & Leases

Central Portfolio Control handles commercial loan collections

Commercial Loans

Federal Government Services

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Traditional & Retail Credit Card

State & Local Contracts

Healthcare Services | Revenue Cycle Management

Central Portfolio Control helps collect mortgages




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Student Loans

Automotive Loans & Leases

We understand the evolving landscape of automotive lending. The regulations surrounding auto loans & leases are complex and require special knowledge and understanding during the debt collection process. Central Portfolio Control provides streamlined recovery services that help automotive creditors recover funds from distressed loans and leases. We represent auto lenders at all stages in the recovery process from early-out programs through late-stage deficiency efforts. 

Commercial Loans

Recovering funds from small businesses and their owners is a complicated process. Central Portfolio Control has decades of experience in helping small businesses satisfy their financial obligations without putting them out of business. Our knowledgeable team, combined with our proprietary tools, enable CPC to achieve optimal results without unnecessary compliance risks. Compromised relationships and tarnished reputations can be costly and result in lost business. Our team’s respectful communication with business owners helps to preserve relationships. We have the expertise to respectfully help business owners to establish a payment plan and resolve account obligations. 

Federal Government Services

Robust training programs support our workforce’s ability to achieve the federal government’s focus on superior Customer Experience (CX). Central Portfolio Control offers federal agencies and prime contractors 13 years of proven experience as a Small Business subcontractor on one of the Federal Government’s largest and most complex financial service contracts, the U.S. Department of Education’s defaulted student loan collection contract servicing more than $200 billion in delinquent loans.