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Central Portfolio Control understands the needs of consumers. To help educate the public about credit and personal finance, we have compiled this list of free resources.


Central Portfolio Control knows consumers are busy. We provide flexible payment options for consumers to resolve accounts. Payments can be made online, over the phone, and by mail.

Professional Debt Collection Agency

Central Portfolio Control is a nationally licensed collection agency providing professional recovery services to our clients. Our experienced team of debt collection professionals assist our clients in achieving optimal financial performance while we ensure that CPC upholds their company values and protects their brand.

Taking an empathetic approach to recovering accounts, we work with consumers to find amicable solutions to resolve account balances. CPC provides a strategic blend of experienced people, innovative technology, and old-fashioned hard work that enables us to deliver unparalleled results that exceed all performance expectations.

Compliance & Technology

Central Portfolio Control is a compliance-focused and technology-driven collection agency with a strong foundation of professionalism and innovation. We deploy state-of-the-art technology to secure our data, optimize our processes, and reinforce our foundation of compliance. We carefully comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the accounts receivable management industry using detailed policies and procedures to govern our operations. Our team combines our experience and technology to help us deliver the best possible consumer experience while effectively resolving accounts.

Credit Product Experience

Central Portfolio Control has decades of experience recovering accounts that originated as different types of credit products. We understand the nuances of working with consumers of all portfolio types, helping us find amicable solutions by really understanding the consumer’s point of view.

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Automotive Loans & Leases

Central Portfolio Control handles commercial loan collections

Commercial Loans

Federal Government Services

Making a payment with a credit card

Traditional & Retail Credit Card

State & Local Contracts

Healthcare Services | Revenue Cycle Management

Central Portfolio Control helps collect mortgages




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Student Loans

Selena OuimetSelena Ouimet
23:02 14 Apr 23
I had the pleasure of speaking to Katrina today. She was awesome and helped me resolve my debt issues today. She was not only professional but a pleasure to speak to. She was friendly, helpful and great personality. You don't always get that level of assistance when it comes to resolving a debt. She was a pleasure to work with and thankful she was the voice on the other end! Thank you, Katrina!
Quint GallaherQuint Gallaher
18:01 05 Jan 23
I've been dealing with this company for about the last 6 months or so, specifically with Ryan Hill. Handling debt isn't exactly the most fun thing to have to do, but he is who I've been in direct contact with about any questions, payment updates, etc. and has been excellent to work with. Always has the answers to my questions, respectful and anytime we have had to discuss the matter, he checks to see if there is ever any way to help lower my monthly payments or secure a lower settlement amount. Dealing with this is definitely annoying, but I can't say enough about Ryan. Thanks again!
Abigail GrahamAbigail Graham
19:31 31 Dec 22
Katrina was very nice and professional. She helped me save 10% in my debt this holiday season. She also made it very easy to pay and answered all of my questions! I enjoyed how transparent they were on the details of my debt to make sure that it really belonged to me.
Paul WetheroldPaul Wetherold
20:41 22 Nov 22
George was great! It was a pleasure to deal with someone who can get things done - even if it’s with a collection agency. In a matter of minutes I was able to clear the 2018 debt that I had no prior knowledge of due to never having received any of the notices that had been sent to me. George reported this immediately to the credit agency so that my credit score will be restored to its previous level. Thanks, George!
Cindy RemmickCindy Remmick
00:51 26 Oct 22
George helped me when I could not reach a resolve with the hospital that was billing me for a bill that showed on my bank account as a debit. He contacted me by phone and e-mailed me with the information I needed. Rarely in these days can you find a "person" to talk to that is willing to go over and above to give you what you need to move forward. I would highly recommend him if every dealing with someone from Central Portfolio- you will not be disappointed! Cinner
Erika ReddickErika Reddick
15:20 30 Jul 22
John Markel has been such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for working with me so diligently. You've made this easy for me to get my debt paid off!
George was amazing!! He was so personable and made it extremely easy to settle my medical debt. I appreciate his help so much because settling this debt has me closer to my dream place. Appreciate you George!
Chelsea JolovitzChelsea Jolovitz
17:33 12 Jul 22
Elizabeth at Central Portfolio Control really helped our family clear our debt with a hospital. The debt had started out so large(I'm talking over $100,000) that it felt truly impossible to tackle. We spent years of back and forth and negotiating, making payments and tears with the hospital itself. After she recieved our debt in collections(sadly) she helped us manage our debt and pay it off. She offered them a settlement amount and sure enough they finally countered with a reasonable total. The initial calls after our debt had been brought to their agency did throw me off because they ask for your personal information before telling you what it is regarding. I am very thankful, emotional, and relieved to have this behind us.The medical/insurance world is hurting families and truly causing heartbreak and I hope that changes one day. This hospital would never allow us a payment plan unless we split $106,000 over 36 months making our payments $2995 a month. Not sure about anyone else, but that was never an option. We felt like we had no way out, until now.I feel like I can finally breathe.
Christina DeBoardChristina DeBoard
19:46 29 Jun 22
After receiving a letter from this company, I called and was extremely rude. Upon further investigation, I realized to my humiliation that I was in the wrong. Georgi Kortava was overwhelmingly patient, as well as gracious. He kept his composure and was very kind to me. He was the best debt collector there is! Thank you for being so wonderful, Georgi!
15:29 23 Jun 22
It’s basically my own fault I had medical bills go to collections. My compliant is truly against St Clare Hospital in Lakewood, WA (don’t go there, just don’t). Nonetheless, I finally decided to put this to rest and spoke with Georgi and he told me everything he would do to get this nightmare behind me. Even though this was a collection call, he was pleasant and professional, however, i hope I never have to talk to him again, lol! Thanks Georgi

Learn More About Central Portfolio Control

What is Central Portfolio Control?2021-04-08T14:52:09-04:00

Central Portfolio Control is a full-service and nationally licensed collection agency located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. We are a consumer-focused organization that manages accounts on behalf of our creditor partners. Founded in 1998, CPC takes an empathetic approach to recovering accounts and works with consumers to resolve account balances. We care about our consumers and want to find amicable solutions that allow them to return to financial health. For more information about our company and the professional services we provide, please visit the Central Portfolio Control YouTube channel.

Why Is CPC Calling Me?2022-08-08T13:43:03-04:00

If you have received a call from Central Portfolio Control (CPC), it may be in an attempt to contact you regarding an outstanding account in your name. As a third party collection agency, we work on behalf of our creditor partners to recover delinquent debts. Due to the rules and regulations that govern debt collection, we are limited in the amount of information that we can leave in a message or voicemail. We encourage you to call us during business hours and speak to one of our professional representatives. After we verify your identity, we can answer your questions, update your contact information, help you make a payment, set up a payment plan, and discuss options for resolving your account. Please call us at 1-800-834-2147 and we will be happy to help you.

Is Central Portfolio Control Legit?2022-08-08T13:43:32-04:00

Yes, Central Portfolio Control is a legitimate company. We are a nationally licensed collection agency that works on behalf of our creditor partners to manage accounts and recover delinquent debts. If you have received a phone call from us, it is our attempt to reach you regarding your account. Due to rules and regulations that govern the debt collection process, we are limited in the amount of information that we can leave on your voicemail. If you have received a message from us, please call us toll-free at 1-800-834-2147 or email us at centralportfolio@cpcrecovery.com. We will be happy to assist you with your account.

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