Central Portfolio Control (CPC) recognizes our team’s hard work and resilience during unprecedented times with an Employee Appreciation celebration event and gifts for each employee. The team’s ability to quickly and easily adapt to change is displayed on a daily basis and is regularly noticed by our clients.

Update Feb 2022 – Looking back at that last statement is a bit surreal! To think of all that our team, our industry, our nation, and our world have overcome since then and continues to overcome is a lot to take in. Remembering this mark in time when so much of the change was still fresh or not yet known gives us great encouragement for our proven ability to adapt and overcome. Our team has amazed us during this time, as juggling multiple personal and professional complex challenges has become even more status quo for everyone. For more about our focus and concrete ways we have been able to continue in successful growth despite the disruptions, read one of our more recent articles, “3 Keys to Running a Successful Collection Agency.

The CPC team, like many others, confronts distractions and disruption driven both by COVID-19 pandemic-related reasons and new business initiatives. Our team has approached this unique year as an opportunity to promote organizational health, productivity, and talent retention in the workplace. The company culture cultivates success and employee empowerment by creating an environment in which employees thrive. “We had to navigate through so many unplanned circumstances but we chose to focus on the strengths of our culture. Our people were and still are adapting to so much going on in the world around them, yet have exceeded goals, going above and beyond during unprecedented times; they are truly remarkable,” says Central Portfolio Control President, Alicia Lesher.

In honor of the team’s enormous success in June and their commitment to challenging circumstances, Employee Appreciation Day was celebrated with great games, prizes, and local food truck favorite, Bad Rooster. In addition to the appreciation event, a succulent and candle gift box and delicious cookies were mailed to each employee’s home. “We wanted to show our heartfelt gratitude for the dedication and perseverance of our employee family here at CPC,” says Mike Lesher, Chief Operating Officer. “They are our most valuable investment and we are committed to praising and recognizing the incredible contributions that they continue to make.”

Founded in 1998, the CPC team has consistently grown the company by providing top-quality services to clients and creating job opportunities in the local community. The culture of the organization attracts top talent, in part because we have remained committed to taking the time to celebrate employees and reinforce the long-standing values that have made our teams successful for twenty-two years.

About Central Portfolio Control

Founded in 1998, Central Portfolio Control, or CPC, is a full-service and nationally licensed collection agency focused on the recovery of distressed accounts receivable. CPC manages accounts on behalf of creditor clients while maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards. We are a consumer-focused organization that employs high-quality professionals to implement proven processes of compliant collection and recovery, delivering exceptional customer service and bottom-line results. Our main headquarters is in Minnetonka, MN.