About Central Portfolio Control

Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, Central Portfolio Control, or CPC, is a full-service and nationally licensed collection agency focused on the recovery of distressed accounts receivable. CPC manages accounts on behalf of our creditor clients while maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards regarding their collection activity. Since being founded in 1998, the Central Portfolio Control team has continued to grow the company by providing top-quality services to our clients and creating jobs within the local community.

“We pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest quality recovery services available and exceeding expectations by delivering bottom-line results.”

Central Portfolio Control is a consumer-focused organization that is committed to partnering with our customers to help them fulfill financial obligations while returning to financial health. We take an empathetic approach to recovering accounts, working with consumers to find amicable solutions to resolve account balances.  Our proven processes of compliant collection and recovery deliver exceptional customer service and bottom-line results. CPC has instilled a strong corporate culture of professionalism, performance, and compliance with our experienced staff as the core of our operation.

Our Company engages a growth mindset to strive for high rates of employee satisfaction and fulfillment, empowering our employees to reach their peak performance. We have found the “secret sauce” to lower, or nearly eliminate attrition. Central Portfolio Control’s management sifts effective from ineffective activities and sustainable from unsustainable methods to fuel a cohesive environment that drives revenue growth and encourages opportunity and growth for everyone.


About Central Portfolio Control